I have been in love with clothing my entire life, but like all relationships, this love of clothes has gone through many changes and evolutions. HEY CHILD comes from my desire to return to that exciting feeling of falling in love with dressing up. Before starting work on HEY CHILD, I looked through old photo albums of myself as a girl. I looked at the way that girl put things together, the colours, patterns, and styles. That girl dressed up as an act of love, with no understanding of what was cool, or chic, or sexy. We had a large tickle trunk overflowing with amazing things and my focus was on wearing the most amazing items, and wearing as many as I possibly could at one time. It was an explosive event. Often I would use one of my brothers, or one of the neighbourhood boys, to complete my wild and crazy vision. Dressing up was limitless, and it was a beautiful.

xx Rose McMahon