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Resurrection: A Hand Beaded Jacket by Mary Magiskan - Ozaawaabinesiikwe

My name is Mary Magiskan and I am an Anishnabe-kwe from the Robinson Superior Treaty area. I live on the north shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. My spirit name is Ozaawaabinesiikwe, Yellow Thunderbird Woman and I am a member of the Eagle clan. I beaded the yellow Thunderbird embedded by anishinaabe florals as a contribution to Caitlin's project, and I entitled it “Resurrection”. The Thunderbird is very sacred to the Ojibwe people and her power is told of in traditional teachings of my region. Because of the sacredness of these teachings I cannot write them down as they are traditionally passed down from generation to generation orally through storytelling and song. However, I can explain “Resurrection”...

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