I have been in love with clothing my entire life, but like all relationships, this love of clothes has gone through many changes and evolutions. RIGHTFUL OWNER comes from my desire to return to that exciting feeling of falling in love with dressing up that I had as a child. That girl dressed up as an act of love, with no understanding of what was cool, or chic, or sexy. 

Rose comes from a long line of seamstresses and she draws from them for inspiration. Her great great aunt Ciara was an incredible dressmaker, and her great grandmother Fortunata was a milliner. As life was much too difficult for these women to have their own businesses, Rose knows that they watch down on her and wish her well in everything that she creates. 

Rightful Owner makes small batch garments and made to order, many of them are sewn by Rose herself with care, patience and love. Dead stock and vintage fabric is used whenever possible to create truly unique pieces.